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    Baqar R. NaqviBaqar R. Naqvi
    10:48 18 Nov 20
    I recently purchased a property in Dubai through Arshad. I have a very good experience dealing with him. The good thing about Arshad is that you have to contact him once, and then you can forget about doing anything. Arshad will work for you day and night to check the best deal, Arshad will take care about your budget, family requirements , future utilization of property, investment potential , remittance of payments , registration and all after purchase services. In short you get everything A-Z from Arshad. Also,Because of his long term personal relations with developers, he gets you best discount possible in the market. I will definitely recommend Arshad if you are interested in any property in UAE, I am sure you will never regret your decision.
    Shakeel MohammedShakeel Mohammed
    06:46 09 Nov 20
    I had pretty bad experiences from previous Real Estate agents and consultants who just wanted to sell without understanding my needs and budget.Arshad was very informative and made me buy the right property, he is a thorough professional and very responsive.Will definitely recommend him to all my friends going forward.Thanks
    Arif SatkhedArif Satkhed
    15:08 04 Feb 20
    Hi,I’m an Indian NRI doctor working with the Ministry of Health,Saudi Arabia since quite a few years.Though, the thought of investing in some residential unit in a place like Dubai was brewing in my mind for sometime, I got down to seriously surfing & searching such options on the net since one month.In response to my queries,I was immediately flooded with details & brochures from developers and agents having a variety of products to offer which added to the confusion.As I am accustomed to having made investments in my home city in India before,I sat down to do my homework & analyse, process & tabulate the data received to shortlist the developer & Real estate establishment according to my preference & the type of unit I wanted to go in for.To cut the story short,from among the many people who contacted me from Dubai, I was convinced to go along with Mr Arshad & finalise the unit from my shortlisted Properties & Developers.The reason for trusting in Mr Arshad was apart from him knowing the Dubai real estate market for the last 18 years, it was his sincere, frank ,friendly and at the same time professional attitude which made the difference.Finally with the groundwork done, Mr Arshad coordinated my short trip to Dubai right from pickup from the airport, hotel stay, visiting the project sites & office’s & discussing every minute detail with the developers until dropping me back to the airport.Finally by the will of Almighty, within 3 days I was able to make a booking of my choice, initiate legal paper work procedures & return back rather satisfied.I’m convinced as emphasized by Mr Arshad also,that God willing my relationship with him now is not just limited to buying a property & he arranging rental clients for me thereafter,but that in the future I can always count on him to guide & help me in any matter in which I may need his assistance in Dubai.I know this review turned out to be a rather long one,but I feel it just couldn’t be any other way.Stay Blessed,Dr Arif.
    Dr. Mushir AlamDr. Mushir Alam
    10:47 25 Jan 20
    I was looking for a Property in Dubai to invest with good Returns and was getting calls from many people after I registered my interest.I somehow got in touch with Mr. Arshad from Spare Foot and he guided me till the end. His approach was very professional and at the same time very friendly.He helped me right from escorting from the Airport till Finalizing the property. We personally visited many sites and offices of many Builders. During my stay he took care of me very nicely and was being very Hospitable.I booked the property through him and I got the best rates because I compared those rates with many estate agents who were offering me the same property at much higher price.Mr. Arshad is very much aware and well versed with all the Builders and all the rules of of Dubai which makes him different.Had it not been him, I think I wouldn’t have booked the property because I was very skeptical at the beginning as it’s my first investment.I feel I’m lucky to get in touch with Mr. Arshad from Spare Foot and I would highly recommend him to everyone who wants to purchase property in Dubai.
    Vaibhav Kumar SaxenaVaibhav Kumar Saxena
    18:43 24 Jan 20
    I was in Dubai with my family, wanted to to invest in duabi ,in terms of getting good ROI AND CAPITAL APPRECIATION.Got a hold of Hakim Colabawala, from Sparefoot Real Estate, Did a very good job by giving me good options ,for find me good property in Emaar.He is very Hospitable and professional in explaining the project in friendly manner.With his help and expertise we bought a 2 bedroom unit in Emaar downtown.We wish him good luck and prosperity in future.

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